Wednesday, 26 June 2013

CREST - South West College

CREST - Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technologies
CREST will provide industry R&D, demonstration and testing facilities for new renewable energy products and sustainable technologies. The facilities will be used by small companies within the region who have ideas for new products but who currently do not have the physical and/or technical capacity to develop, test and commercialise these.

Within CREST facilities and staff will be accessible to develop, demonstrate and test new technologies and show how these can be integrated practically and sensibly to achieve energy savings.

CREST has four main partners including Institute of Technology Sligo, Cavan Innovation & Technology Centre, Dumfries & Galloway College with the lead partner being South West College. Each partner will have their own staff and testing equipment for new renewable energy products and sustainable technologies.

1. R&D in renewable energy systems and sustainable technologies
2. Development and testing of sustainable construction methods and materials
3. Innovative product and component design
4. Development of demonstration prototypes and models
5. Testing of renewable energy systems and products
6. Demonstration and testing of retrofit technologies
7. Data analysis and performance monitoring
8. Advice and consultancy on renewable energy and sustainable technologies

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