Monday, 27 February 2012

What Is LinkedIN?

What exactly is LinkedIn?  It is an online network of people all over the world.  While technically, it is one of many social networking sites on the web, LinkedIn is probably the best known and most widely used business networking site.

How to use linkedin for your business benefits?

Use it to Find Business Clients, Partners and Service Providers.

Being a member of LinkedIn will help you to build a professional network to find possible clients, partners, service providers and experts in your field.  If you are looking for a position, it can provide excellent business opportunities and available positions. LinkedIn is the networking site to find the inside connections you need to grow your business, close deals or get the perfect position.

Use it to Find Expert Answers

LinkedIn's newest product, LinkedIn Answers, aims to enable this online. The product allows you to get answers to your business-related questions from both your network and the greater LinkedIn network.

Use it to Increase Your Credibility

You can list your past jobs, current role, qualifications, awards and other achievements something like an online CV or statement of capabilities.But best of all, people can say nice things about you via testimonials and references.

Use Linkein as a Recruiting Tool

Headhunters are now using LinkedIn as one of their primary tools to source new talent for employers. Business Owners and Employers have also become aware of just how useful LinkedIn is to search for talented professionals to fill positions - cutting out the middle man and major advertising costs.

Use Linkedin as Blog Promotion Tool

Bloggers can use LinkedIn to drive traffic to their blogs and get some exposure. It has many features available for bloggers to allow them to share value and build relationships. The best way to start with Linkedin is by adding your blog(s) to your profile.