Friday, 21 January 2011

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Mobile Engages

 Most brands would shy away from using bought-in lists of mobile numbers, even if those customers opted in to third party communications.  But mobile`s a great way to gather responses to a campaign and stimulate engagement - text to win, for example, or as a customer service tool.  The key to this approach is that the customer is in control.  They can choose to opt in to receive news and updates about special offers and, if they agree, they get benefits they wouldn`t otherwise.

Mobile is a great medium for communicating with existing customers and telling them about special offers.
source: David Murphy, The Marketer, November 2010.

Mobile Web means Mobile Shop

 Mobile internet has evolved - the networks are faster, more consumers have phones with built in web browsers and operators have made web browsing affordable with the introduction of flat-rate data plans.  In July online measurements firm ComScore found that 18.3m UK consumers aged 13-plus used the web browser on their mobile phone.  Brands are realising that, while smartphone apps are great, if it`s reach they want, they need a mobile website.

As a result, mobile advertising is booming and brands are now serving up mobile - friendly versions of their retail sites.

Marks & Spencer launced a transactional mobile website earlier this year after seeing that, in a 12 month reporting period, 800,000 people had accessed the M&S main website from a mobile phone.

Target Precisel

 Hire wire adventure business Go Ape went all out in its latest campaign with TV, social media, direct mail, radio and web advertising.  The trick, according to founder Tristram Mayhew, was making a little go a long way.  Timing, audience and channel are the most important ingredients when money`s tight, he argues.  As are careful planning and sourcing, especially at a time when stagnant demand means marketing real estate can be picked up cheaply.

The TV Campaign was trialled in the Tyne Tees area for three weeks on the ITV network. Direct mail was aimed at specific recipients close to Go Ape locations, giving them a time-sensitive booking offer.  A radio prize competition worked in tandem with radio and online ad slots.

The result was a big uplift in traffic to the main website and to a specific campaign portal.  The Maften Go Ape course - the focus of the TV Ads - saw bookings jump.  The TV campaign received 8000 views in three weeks on You Tube, and Facebook referrals became one of the firm`s top five sources of web traffic.

"Qualitative post TV campaign research demonstrated a unanimous recognition of the key message of the advert - fun, excitement and a fee-good factor", says Mayhew.  "All these elements connected with the need to escape by having fun at weekends, thus the theme of the advertisement fully engaged the audience.  We`re looking forward to continuing activity next year", he says.
source: Dave Matthews, the Marketer, November 2010