Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Resource Efficiency Scheme

Energy and Waste

It makes good business sense to get the most out of your resources and reduce or eliminate waste. Invest NI offers advice, consultancy and financial support to help you do this.

Applicants with water, materials, waste and energy costs  of more than £30k per annum can access free audit and technical consultancy support through Invest NI's Sustainable Development team to help them identify suitable projects.

What areas are advised on?  
  • tailored advice and training on resource efficiency issues.
  • workshops on energy and waste issues.
  • advice and information, signposting to online advice to help businesses implement resource efficiency savings.

For eligible companies, Invest NI can:
  • arrange for an energy survey of businesses or an audit of water and materials consumption to identify areas for cost reduction.
  • arrange for consultancy support to help you implement resource efficiency projects.

What financial support do we offer?

Interest free loans are available from £3,000 up to £400,000 for four years. The size of the loan depends on how much energy will be saved or the amount of carbon savings that can be achieved.

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