Tuesday, 3 April 2012

InterTradeIreland Open Applications For Elevate - Sales Development Programme

Elevate - Sales Development Programme for Small Business

If you’re a small company that needs to increase its sales, why not take your business up a level with InterTradeIreland Elevate - our sales development programme for small business.

Elevate will provide financial assistance to help you identify cross-border markets/customers across the island and win new business.

All you have to do is complete a short application form and if approved for support you will then get to choose one of our approved experts who will work with you to develop a winning cross-border sales plan for your business, kick start your sales and get on the fast-track to crossborder trading!

You’ll benefit from free one-to-one advice and support from your very own expert within your industry or sector to develop your own sales development plan.

Support is available for:

  • Identification of Sales leads
  • Sales Negotiations
  • Market Research
  • Advice on the Development of Marketing Materials – (excluding printing costs).
It is 100% funded by InterTradeIreland and the application process is very simple.


  • Work with a marketing expert to develop your winning sales plan;
  • Identify new customers and markets across the island;
  • Increase your sales.

Am I eligible?

To take part in the Elevate programme - companies must:

  • Be registered in Northern Ireland or Ireland;
  • Be a manufacturing or tradeable service company with an annual turnover below €1.2m/£1m;
  • Have a satisfactory track record and a trading history in their home market (minimum of 18 mths);
  • Be focused on winning new cross-border sales;
  • Have not generated more than 30% of their total turnover in the target cross-border market;
  • Have the capacity (human, financial and production) to deliver the project;
  • Have a sufficiently unique product that does not displace existing products in the market place.
  • Have not previously participated on InterTradeIreland FUSION or Acumen programmes
NOTE: Preference will be given to companies of 10 employees or less and spaces are limited.
The next submission dates are 30th April and 30th May 2012.

Apply now

For more information contact:

Roisin Keenan
Elevate Project Manager
            00 44 28 3083 4143      
Paddy Savage
Trade Team Operations Manager
            00 44 28 3083 4110       

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